Visual artist

2014-16 MFA, Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Oslo, Norway.
2015 Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, US (Exchange).
2011-14 BA, Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Oslo, Norway.
2010-11 Nordland Art- and Film College, Kabelvåg, Norway.

Solo exhibitions
Upcoming 2025 Anatomico, Anatomical Theatre, Bologna, Italy.
Upcoming 2025 12-14 Contemporary, Vienna, Austria.
Upcoming 2024 Hamar Kulturhus, Hamar, Norway.
Upcoming 2024 Hulias, Oslo, Norway. 
Upcoming 2024 Centralbanken, Oslo, Norway. 
Upcoming 2024 StudyForArtPlatform, Stockholm, Sweden. 
2022 Restaging Parallax, Institute of Contemporary Art - ICA, Sofia, Bulgaria.
2022 Sardonic, Press, Immobile, Gallery Hristo Tsokev, Gaborovo, Bulgaria. 
2021 Astroturfing ad Hockery, Credo Bonum, Sofia, Bulgaria.
2021 White Card Wardrobe Plot, Gallery Reneenee, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
2021 Zinc White Lard, Galleri Sol, Bornholm, Denmark.
2020 Zinc White Lard, Gallery Rafael Mihaylov, Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria. 
2019 Dubious Chalk Circle, Archeological Museum, Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria.
2018 Old Laughter and Synonyms for Actors, Rafael Mihaylov Exhibition Halls, Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria
2018 Abstract Frontline of Identity, Hamar Kunstforening, Hamar, Norway.
2018 Abstract Frontline of Identity: To Tole, Radical Gallery, Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria.
2017 The Silence Under the Lamp and the Tragedy of Doors, Многоточие Gallery, Bulgaria.
2016 Tango, or Echoes of Conditional Self-assertion, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, Norway.
2016 People Behind the Gallery Wall, Akademirommet, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, Norway.
2014 Highway Furnitures, One Night Only, Kunstnernes Hus, Norway.

Group exhibitions
2023 Locandina, Tra la montagna e il cielo, Hulias, Civita D’antino, Italy.
2023 Laugh / Applaude, CU29, Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
2022 Weight for Sanity, BAZA Awards, City State Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria.
2022 Concement (Golem No More)The 25th Gabrovo Biennale, Gabrovo, Bulgaria
2019 King of Hearts, The Room Contemporary, Venice, Italy.
2018 Iron Fist Fruit Ball, Hamar Kunstbank, Hamar, Norway.
2018 Glocal, Radical Gallery, Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria.
2016 Overidentification, MFA Graduation Show, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, Norway.
2016 Sicherheit Stimulus, Galleri Lynx, Kunstforum, Oslo, Norway.
2015 To Tole, Up Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2015 Echoes of Conditional Self-Assertion, Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, USA.
2015 To Tole, Poznan Conference Biennial, Paradox, Poznan, Poland.
2015 Dear Hilesh, Chicago Art Department, Chicago, USA.
2014 Stille beundring, rolig protest, BFA Graduation show, Grünerløkka, Oslo, Norway.
2013 Borgen: History Park in Bjørvika, Design and Architecture DogA, Oslo, Norway.
2013 Work In Translation, Skoki Palace, Skoki, Poland.
2011 City Furnitures, Gallery Aula, Poznan, Poland.

2022  Arist Residency - Circolo Scandinavo, Roma, Italy.
2019- Heerz Tooya, Initiator and Curator, Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria.
2018- ARV.International, Director; Artist Residency, Vishovgrad, Bulgaria.
2013-2015 Oslo Kunsthavn, Initiator and Curator; exhibition project, Ingensteds, Oslo, Norway.

Upcoming 2026 Zinc White Lard Vol.1, photobook, Simolini94 Print.
2021 While the Plum Trees Grow, photobook, Simolini94 Print (ISBN: 978-619-188-566-4).
2021 Heerz Tooya 2021, Gallery Heerz Tooya, self-press.
2019 Heerz Tooya 2019, JohnJohnBooks Publishing (ISBN: 978-82-691423-2-7) Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
2018 Old Laughter and Synonyms for Actors, Exhibition Catalog - JohnJohnBooks Publishing, ISBN: 978-82-691423-1-0, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
2018 The Abstract Frontline of Identity, Self pressed exhibition catalog: Hamar Kunstforening, Norway.

Oslo Kunsthavn

Lars Nordby (b.1988, Norway) lives and works in Hamar, Norway, and Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria. Nordby holds a MFA at the Oslo National Academy of Arts in Norway (2016). Solo exhibitions include Restaging Parallax at ICA - Institute of Contemporary Art in Sofia, Bulgaria (2022); White Card Wardrobe Plot at Gallery Reneenee in Amsterdam, the Netherlands (2021); Zinc White Lard at Galleri Sol in Bornholm, Denmark (2021); Old Laughter and Synonyms for Actors at Rafael Mihaylov in Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria (2018); Tango, or Echoes of Conditional Self-Assertion at Kunstnernes Hus in Oslo, Norway (2016); Dear Hilesh at Chicago Art Department, in Chicago, USA (2015); and To Tole at Poznan Biennale in Poznan, Poland (2015). Lars Nordby is also a freelance curator and run the contemporary art gallery Heerz Tooya ( in Veliko Turnovo in Bulgaria, and is the director of the artist residency ARV.International ( in Vishovgrad in Bulgaria.